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Incomplete pre-hospital EMS incident reports

The medic provides excellent patient care and delivers the patient to the hospital – but does the documentation of the patient care match the excellence of the patient care itself?  Many EMS providers are plagued by incomplete, inaccurate, or illegible patient care reports.  This can delay reimbursement and make it nearly impossible to accurately report EMS incident details to government data repositories

Solution: Fusion ePCR

TriTech Emergency Medical Systems' Fusion ePCR replaces those paper forms with a PC-based data capture application.  NEMSIS Gold Compliance means that your medics can capture all the data required for most government data repositories, and the flexibility of Field Data run types makes sure that the required data is gathered.  The data gathered can be printed, providing a professional looking patient care report to be delivered to the receiving facility, and can be uploaded to Sweet-Billing/Station for storage, and to speed up the billing process

Last modified on: 4/12/2011