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Efficiently Bill Claims Electronically

Reimbursement for services provided is the lifeblood for many ambulance/medical transport services.  Without a reliable, up-to-date software system, seemingly ever-changing rules and forms can make getting paid in a timely manner nearly impossible

Solution: Sweet-Billing

TriTech Emergency Medical Systems' Sweet-Billing relieves much of the stress of getting paid. With a variety of Electronic Claims Modules, your claims are checked for required data before submission, and easy to read error reports help you to effortlessly correct problem claims before you submit them. Each electronic claims module is customized to implement the rules designated by the specific payer it is designed for, so you eliminate guessing. In addition to electronic claim submission, Sweet-Billing supports billing via invoice, statement, or required forms (e.g. CMS-1500) once again with each form customized to meet the requirements of individual payers. Sweet-Billing reports on financials and more with extensive filtering, grouping, and format options. Most financial reports can be run for a point in time, as opposed to reporting on just the current state of finances.

Last modified on: 4/12/2011