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Public Safety CAD software Demo


VisiCAD for EMS

TriTech's VisiCAD for EMS is a feature-rich, Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) solution developed exclusively for EMS agencies.  This highly reliable, innovative product captures all major data points throughout each call to provide comprehensive data immediately to enable rapid decisions in situations when every second counts. 

VisiCAD imageVisiCAD for EMS is a robust, flexible computer-aided dispatch solution for EMS agencies to efficiently manage emergency and non-emergency calls and dispatch operations.     VisiCAD for EMS features an easy-to-use graphical-user interface and an integrated digital mapping system for fast, accurate dispatch and resource management.  Additionally, modules such as facility divert module provides for efficient patient transport when a facility is near capacity and the system status management module forecasts when and where resources are needed.

Benefits of VisiCAD include:

Last modified on: 10/4/2011